Friday, December 09, 2005

It's like 100 degrees here and everyone has a perfect body and huge sunglasses. I guess Bellingham is not caught up to fashions yet, although you only need those huge sunglasses a couple days a year. I went from business class to a crazy van driver ride to a backpacker lodge. The seat on the plane was more comfortable than the thin mattress here. I awoke at 6 am today. Me! Up and ready to go at 6. Blame the fact that I lost Thursday, arrived in AU at 3pm and it was only 10 am. Longest day of my life. Wiped by the afternoon after a tiny surf session, went for decaf, and it was hot out so I asked for an iced decaf. The fivedollar price tag should have clued me in: it was an ice-cream coffee drink complete with whip cream and chocolate shavings. And I was trying to be healthy on this trip! oh well. I took about a 3 mile walk along the coast this morning. Stunning cliffs with no railing to protect you. Saw more fit people than I've seen in my life. Got an email that there was a 5 meter greatwhite shark just off the beach here. Maybe I should append my snorkeling plans for the afternoon?? It's a lot like La Jolla here(San Diego) except that you can still get a flat near the beach for a half million australian dollars. That and you can walk your dog unleashed (they're supposed to be leashed by no one pays attention.) The dogs even swim in the ocean. And there are more hardbodies per square inch plus, the beaches are all topless. I haven't tried that one yet. Maybe this afternoon. If the shark doesn't get me.,20281,17491356-5001022,00.html

I walkedall along these beaches today.


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I could pretend that I'm a hardbody. Would that work? :)

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