Monday, March 12, 2007

CSI Whistler

11 years ago at Whistler I made arrangements to stay a little longer with someone outside my group, but my alarm didn't go off on time the morning we were supposed to leave, and no one in my group knew where I was. When I finally got a hold of someone they said that they were worried, but had been reassured that "nothing bad ever happens in Whistler". What a difference a decade makes. On my way to the hotel pickup place for the catboarding operator, I noticed a major corridor in the village had been blocked off with police tape, police cars were all over and several guards were making sure no one crossed the yellow tape. This was about 7:15 am. The tape was still up when I got back that afternoon, with foot traffic being re-routed.

I picked up one of the local freebee papers and read that there had been three sexual assaults, make sure you don't walk alone at night. The night before I'd walked alone through a dark passageway about 11 pm. A guy was behind me and I turned around to look at him. If he did anyything to me I wanted to at least recognize his face. Fortunately I made it to the lit street path without any difficulty. I thought I was going to have company for the 15 minute walk from the restuarant to the condo, but by the time I got my coat and hat and umbrella put together, I looked up and everyone was gone.

Turns out there had been a shooting in the plaza. Someone had heard a siren around 5am.

More pics from the weekend.


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