Sunday, January 21, 2007

Eating Raw

I won't go into how I discovered this method of eating, but so far it's made me feel really great. But salads with sprouted lentils can only go for so long before one gets a little bored. So I checked out Raw Foods: The "Uncook" Book from the library. The guy who wrote it has a highly praised restaurant in San Francisco, not just for its healthy cuisine but for its taste! I decided to try one of his main course recipes, Pasta Marinara.

Pasta was made by using a carrot peeler on zucchini squash, then slicing the part with the seeds into long, thin slices. They really do have the same texture as pasta! The recipe for the sauce and the dish called for fresh herbs, which were a little pricey at the grocers, but man did they smell wonderful chopping them up.

Portabella mushroom and onions were marinated in a form of soy sauce called Shuya.

One of the ingredients of the pasta sauce was red wine. (The pasta sauce and main dish ingredients were similar, except for red wine and 1 cup of olive oil). I just happened to have a bottle. This is the only tragedy that occurred during my cooking: I didn't push the opener down far enough, and when lifting out the cork, it broke. The bottom portion was not coming up, so it was just going to have to go down. I managed to find a spoon handle narrow enough to fit down the wine bottle, and with quite a bit of downward effort, it... gave way and exploded red wine over most of the kitchen and my shirt.

I poured out the wine through a wire strainer to get out the little bits of cork, and then put the strained liquid into my plastic Netrition milkshake container. It's all I have! Too bad, because the wine is quite good.

So now I have my wine-spotted shirt soaking in a pot that had boiling water (one theory) also have a bottle of Spot Begone, and they also say white wine takes out red wine spots. I'll try that one if necessary.. and if I can get the white wine open without any more fiascos.

I wasn't very hungry, having had a large-ish lunch of Thai food that was cooked. But OMG this was freaking DELICIOUS! The recipe says this makes food for two. Two NFL linebackers. I'll be finding ways to use the sauce all week long.

But it was a LOT of work, time consuming to chop and mince herbs, ginger, garlic, more herbs, more ginger, sundried tomatoes, more garlic, shallots, fresh tomatoes... and I'm thinking that somehow I need to find an endless supply of fresh chopped herbs. So I'm in the market for a food processor. Investigating one on Craig's list, blender/processor combo for $20. If it has more than one blade in the processor, it's MINE! I should also invest in a sharp knife. Some of those herbs will be in too small quantities for processing; they'll end up with their majority stuck to the side of the processor.

So why raw foods? I mean, crap, this is kinda like being VEGAN, which is just CRAZINESS. (I'll still eat honey.) Well... the theory goes that all living food (seeds, plants, legumes, nuts) contain an enzyme that makes them easy for our bodies to digest. Heat that plant item to above 116 degrees and you kill the enzyme, and your body can't absorp as much nutrition.

I've noticed just in the last couple weeks (started this around the 3rd or 4th of January) that I am not waking up with the usual headachey wanting to sleep all day feeling, and generally feel better throughout the day. I also don't belch right after eating (farting is a whole other story!) like I do with cooked foods. And that's still eating some cooked foods (soy milk, dry cereal, garbanzo beans).

I don't rightly know if it's going to cause weight loss either because I don't weigh myself. But Friday I went to my primary care doctor, and they always weigh you. Okay here it is for the entire internet universe: 134.4 (without shoes). I don't honestly know what it was last time I got weighed. I'm pretty sure it was more than that.

Saturday was an amazing day at Mt. Baker. Powder and partners. 3 hours of bliss. My knees are killing me today.


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