Monday, December 12, 2005

Here are some sites around Bondi. Today I surfed near Nelson Bay and it was too big for the sand beach. Headed to Newcastle for the afternoon and now I know why there were all those cars with surfboards on them when I was heading out this way. It was the wrong direction and wind for most of the breaks along there, but I got a few waves at Newcastle Beach. It has a great channel to paddle out at next to a rock reef, much easier than fighting the breakers. It was crowded. When I first checked it almost no one was out, but then school let out by the time I got back to it.

Newcastle is a great little city, industrial and suburban and beachy all at the same time. Old, too, so the buildings aren't all strip-mall style. The water is clear and maybe a degree warmer than Bondi; this time I had a wetsuit. Going to hi-tail it northwards tomorrow get as far as I can.


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