Thursday, December 22, 2005

Picture of a better bat, showing the wingspan. Came across another area where these things live. The first thing you hear is the chattering, rather like being in a parrot house. I heard it again in front of a Kmart.
I guess they're not that special except that they're unique to Oz.

These are called redneck flying foxes; the red shows up better in this picture. Now you know what a real redneck is!

Another cute bird picture:

I got another good day of surf two days ago near Byron Bay at a place called Tallows. I'd checked it the day before and it was just weak and strong offshore. But something moved in and pumped it up. It was at Cosy Corner, the south side of the headland which blocked the rediculously strong onshore winds, making it offshore there. There was a peaky, wedging wave and there were a dozen or so bodyboarders and one surfer on it.
It was probably 6 feet and crunching hard. On my way out to the water a guy was carrying a broken surfboard. I found the channel out, right next to the rocks you didn't even have to paddle. Brought you right into the line-up. I managed a few good waves in spite of the crowd; they felt like gifts, and I yelled loud so no one would drop in on me. The only incident I had was I wanted to go left on a wave, the guy on my left was also going and he wanted to go right, and as soon as I realized that I was half way into the wave and so cut right as to avoid him then tried to pull up. I found him and apologize he said no big deal, just a bit dangerous. I laughed and said I was trying to go left. After a while all the bodyboarders left and I was out there with really good surfers. Now it was breaking pretty shallow on the sand, which means that if you're in the wrong spot, you're facing a huge wave about to break on your head and there's not the much water to dive into. Previously I'd gotten the snot knocked out of me pretty hard, even trying to go for a tube and just getting slammed into the sand on my back. Even ducking under was tough. But this one wave, I thought for sure it would give me a hassle, because it was just crunching down a mere foot or two from where I was floating. It was big, too. I dove deep and I didn't even feel it; I just simply surfaced afterwards not even feeling the upthrust of the back of the wave.. It was strange. I stayed out there for three hours, exhausting myself. I wanted to sleep well that night. I did. It was only the second day of really decent surf I've had on this whole adventure. Next time, come here in April when it gets up to 20'. More my style.

For Christmas I've booked a tour that's picking me up Christmas eve to Fraser Island. Supposed to be a special place.


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