Saturday, December 17, 2005

Clear but crowded waves:

Big thunderhead:

Today I've booked a snorkel tour to see sea turtles. Good thing cuz the surf is small and all the holiday goers are at it! Byron Bay is pretty but the town is pretty insane. Lahaina meets Hollywood. Hundreds of tourists and shops, narrow busy streets, you can almost smell the euros waiting for the bus at the train station. Glad I'm not staying here! The locals hate the place and I can see why. On the upside, I surfed some mushy wategos last night and while it was fun, the waves weren't all that great, I got to talk to (unbeknownst to me) a local legend, the guy who invented the surf mat and some surfboard fin designs. Need to look up the spelling but it sounds like George Granieu or something like that.


Blogger FRüG FöREST said...

Cool pics! I think I'll make one a background on my PC. :)

Thanks for all the great pictures, now I feel more like I'm there too. -FF

10:18 PM  

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