Monday, December 19, 2005

Got the pictures off the card and burned a cd. The card had movies on it now so it probably just didn't like it on the hard drive.

Here are flying foxes, like big bats but they only eat fruit. Then there are pademelons and podarus, which are endangered, and live in a park that is a protected area with signs to keep dogs and cats out, yet one of them may have succombed to a dog. My guide was quite unhappy seeing that and spoke to two rangers about it. Looked pretty freshly killed. They need to set traps, they can do this with meat, as the native animals don't eat meat. The blurry animals are difficult to shoot because they live in the shadows and are very flighty. The podarus are worse, I think these are all pademelons. We were on an elevated wooden track. The pademelons make loud thumping noises when they run. We got good viewings of them, as Mark would walk on the track and flush them out, and they would go running. Sometimes they seemed curious and would stare at us. They are oblivious to dangers from other animals but are shy of humans. The park is across the way from where Olivia Newton John has an estate. I have to start a new post because it only takes so many images here.


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