Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things that go "ka blooey"

Hi. My name is Myrl. I've been around for about ten years, the product of overly aggressive manipulation of below-the-skin pimples. Most people didn't notice me, but I annoyed my host with great frequency. It's not as though she has perfect skin, far from it, but I was an extruding reminder of that fact. Until today.

I guess I got too big for my britches. I started growing, just a little, I mean I couldn't help it. 10 year olds have growth spurts. Well apparently this pissed her off because next thing I know, I'm getting injected with cortisone by a doctor of dermatology! I couldn't believe it, was she really serious about getting rid of me? It's not like I was causing any physical harm. I was just "there," enjoying what I thought was a peaceful coexistance.

Well I was really mad about that poke, you know, so I surrounded that cortisone junk with more pimples. A really big one, just over the top of me. It was hurting her so she tried to get rid of it, but all the pressure did was inflame me and move me lower on her chin. You'd think that would have taught her. But no.

A few more weeks later I got another needle spewing that awful steroid in me, and then another right next to it! Oh the indignity! The doctor even said I'd become "separated". Didn't she learn from the first round of cortisone? I shot off deep pimples all over around her mouth. They were coming up like dandelions in the spring grass. She even spent almost 100 bucks on some fancy prescription anti-acne treatments to mitigate the damage.

But I felt great. I'd never lived so large, or drew so much attention from her. I had little red blood arteries, as fine as a mosquito's nose, shaped like a tiny tree, blossoming right below the surface of the skin. I even had a dark brown spot that I'm not even sure what it was. But I liked it. It was new and exciting.

But I was in greater jeopardy than ever. She called that dermotologist again, trying to get in even sooner, complaining of the pain I was causing her and the size. Luckily for me, they weren't able to schedule her. I thought I was off the hook. How wrong I was.

Some of these newly formed pimples came up just on the side of me and some even right under the surface of the epidermis. There was so much pressure under me I could feel the skin canopy stretching. Pores that were hardly there before became gaping holes. One even became a visible white head, the kind that respond easily to pressure. She went after that one with a decent result. I could tell the pressure was getting to her. She couldn't leave me alone! Kept massaging me, measuring me, pushing on me, watching my shape change hour by hour. Yes, I had swollen to the jaw line, a huge lump mass.

My insides started pouring out at just the slightest hint of a steel blade poking at the stretched skin's surface. All my yellow, greenish, sticky substances, some that had been hiding in there for years, were now all over the bathroom counter, exposed, splayed. I was even suprised how little pressure it took to expel. That skin that had stretched so far for me was now a sagging pocket of redness. It took her three q-tip sessions to get rid of all of my insides, and believe me they're not pretty to look at.

But I'm still in there. I may be skinny and scrawny and have no character or depth, but one day I hope to fill again and be seen by the world.

- Mryl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I wonder if Mryl is related to ITZ...these little guys like to hang on my ass. Does Myrl ever vacation there?

Rebekah says switch to a raw food diet. I say get a razor and hack away. DIE MRYL. You try to be sypatheitc but you ain't!

12:40 PM  
Blogger ambient lighting said...

Maybe his children vacation there. This thing was mountainous. I don't know about a raw food diet. Certain raw foods are known to cause intestinal parasites... By the way it quit draining on Saturday and is refilling with God knows what, and is still red. Probably just need to leave it alone for awhile.

11:46 AM  

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