Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Little Miss Indigo

Last night I got into a g-mail chat with one of my oldest dearest friends, Susan, whom I met just out of college in some church group. She is now married with three beautiful children and seems to be living the life most would envy, yet I know better. Between nanny issues, a too-brilliant-for-his-own-good son, (this kid remembered my name after not seeing me a year.. when he was FOUR), uppity neighbors and a husband who works himself to death, it ain't easy. She told me about some things she's tried that have actually helped her; one is the discovery of the term "indigo" for personalities and why we (she considers me one too) have a harder time than most assimilating into this society. My favorite trait on the list is this:

Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.

Some others also rang true:

Can easily be taken advantage of because of your innate desire to be
of service.
May be idealistic or hypercritical
You are a great BS detector and you do not like people who lie and who
do not come from integrity.
Are afraid to stand in your power or speak your truth, for fear of not
being heard or understood
You are a pleaser

She said, We have no interest in getting into the box.
Yet we are frustrated that so many others want to, and we don't understand why.

I often thought these things had more to do with my birth sign, although since I am wholeheartedly opposed to studying such things (not that there's not something to it, God just says "hey don't go there") I never gave it a lot of thought. But now someone has finally found a category for me. I feel like I need to seek this stuff out; find a community of us "misunderstoods".

She's beeing doing something called "EFT", "Emotional Freedom Techniques" and even suggested a therapist in my area who embraces this. I need to read up on it more before deciding if therapy would help.

The other book I'm reading was recommended by a friend who has fallen under the spell of Scientology (from Christianity, to my regret), but I'm humoring her by reading one of L Ron's books, The Science of Survival. (I read Dianetics, it had some interesting points.) As with all religions, they all have some element of truth. And if I can take away a few gems from it, what is the harm. Plus it will give me some insight into her odd cult.

It's not like I'm looking for another answer besides Jesus; I'm looking for answers as to why I don't like hardly anyone I meet in churches. With all the buzz about the law of attraction (e.g. The Secret) I have to examine why here is a religion, Jesus, that I was attracted to, and so are others, yet I'm not experiencing much attraction factor when it comes to the others in this religion. At least, in the fundamentally styled non-denoms or something close to it I've been attending for nearly 30 years. I finallly did find a church I feel I can attend, the offshoot (church plant) of the mega-church I've been attending. The pastor is also a graphic designer, so we have that in common. After service they do a community-style lunch and I sat with a couple who seemed about my age. We got talking about movies and she just didn't get "Little Miss Sunshine" and I'm thinking, how can you not 'get' that movie? How can you not LOVE that family and all their problems? She also was afraid to dress in any way that didn't scream conservative.

I also found out from my friend Susan that Chuck Jr. quit his church last year, Calvary Capo Beach. I was there when both his wife and the worship pastor left in the same week. Back when he had hair. There's an interesting article about it in the LA Times (Father, Son and Holy Rift). Come to think about it, I went to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back when Chuck Smith Sr. had hair.


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