Friday, October 12, 2007

Seasonal Disorders

With the cooler wintry temps comes more tv watching and getting crap done. Yesterday afternoon after a dr. appt left me an extra 45 minutes in my day, I got a few groceries, got my watch fixed (the battery was dead, but it was also "stuck"... some electromagnetic device defibrillated it), picked up some Gorilla Grip to fix my car key, made an appt. to get new car tires, picked up printing at Kinkos, and then did all my laundry, all in time to watch a new episode of CSI.

My biggest problem with tv watching is the commercials, I mean, here I am paying for cable television and paying to watch advertising. And some ads are kind of clever or cute or at least entertaining, then there's the ones that just baffle all sense of what should be shown on tv. ITT Tech. Why could you not just end that one with the guy happily satisfied with his training there? Why did you have to bring him home where he makes his "beautiful wife proud" and then she dribbles on about "how hard he works for us every day" tears dripping down both of her chins. I want to think the only reason he married that cow was he got her knocked up in 10th grade and her daddy had a gun collection.

The underlying message is, yeah, you've screwed up your life pretty good by the time you were 22, but come to us, we'll at least set you up with enough income for alimony when you get your head on straight.


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