Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's more fun than a root canal?

A visit to the proctologist?

A root canal with enough novacaine to numb my eyelid. It wasn't until 3/4 the way through I was almost convinced that I wasn't going to feel it, and if you've had this done you know what I mean by "it", and my body as such a great memory for pain, it's like I've never forgotten any of my painful experiences and spend a great deal of time, more than I should, trying to decide which specific instance was more painful. Recent memory was the drainage of the infected tooth, but proudly I must say, I did not break down into crying like I thought I would; the shots didn't even hurt too much, although the tension and the pushing and shoving has further aggravated my back problem with a pinching feeling just at the base of my neck.

Once the novacaine wore off it's painful just to eat anything. I might have to slurp down mushy bananas for awhile. I wish I could just do ice cream but that will send my body into a worse situation; I already have a sore throat and impending sinus infection from the stress of the anticipation of today's visit.


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