Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adobe punishes for trying beta software

I just got my CS3 Web Premium (and why this doesn't include Homesite is beyond me) disks which include Photoshop. I had run the beta software until the minute it expired (actually longer. it only expired after I quit the application) and missed it sorely, plus now all my defaults were set to open file with CS3, which gave me a crap error when opening after the expiry date. I tried trashing the application but it still didn't help. In fact trashing the application, which is what all good Mac users do when they don't want to use software on their system any longer, was probably the root cause of the problem experienced when installing. Although I had other CS3 trials I'd installed, only Photoshop was presenting a conflict. And what a helpful error message it gave from the install image: There is a conflict installing Photoshop CS3. The conflict is:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
A software application that conflicts with its own trial version? C'mon, what are these people thinking? Maybe they were too busy taking over Macromedia to pay attention to such details at the time. Probably fired just the wrong people. So I end up having to run a Darwin script that promised to annihilate my computer as well as clean up all the old trial software debris, you know, the registry entries, and the 40,000 library folders and folders and files within folders and folders. After a couple tries it actually DID something and I was able to install the application. (So far I haven't noticed any pieces gone missing, but I haven't looked very hard either.)

To show my appreciation for all that Adobe has done for me, I decided to register Photoshop right after launching it and entering my authorization code. However I decided to not use my real name, no sir, I wanted them to pay attention to how I really felt right then. My first name is now Installing_Adobe_Software_Sucks and my last name is Ass_Big_Time.

I can't wait to get my first email from them.

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