Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Costa Rica Day 3

January 18. Beach day.
92 beats for minute. That is supposedly the 'sex beat', according to Alex, the rhythm pulsating at Roca Verde, last night's discotech. Kevin asked what would happen if you made church music at 92 beats. Various theories were entertained.

We got in at 2am or so but didn't go to bed right away. Josh was trying to make his iMovie 8 work, and it wasn't doing much to work. That program sucks. iMovie 6 was much, much better. I played on the computer a bit, processing pics and such but went to bed upstairs and laid there... more adrenaline pumping, the neighbor snoring louder than the infinite roar of the insect populations on the other side of the screens. I used the restroom and noticed a small piece of tp in the toilet... not good. But I did flush successfully and tried to sleep again, passing Josh working on the compter still.. encouraging him to go to bed. Then a new noise: a toilet plunger, for about 15 minutes... Kevin was working out that one.
All mac, all the time!
So we slept in a bit; I think I finally got to sleep around 3, after Josh finally came upstairs and fell asleep instantly (why can't I do that!), I put the earplugs in again. When I awoke at 6:30 it was quiet. I was able to sleep another hour then couldn't any more. Four nights in a row with about four hours of sleep per night. And my throat was not sore, but I was very tired head-wise.

We lumbered down to the beach at the whee dawn patrol hour of... 11:30 and rented a couple of longboards at Dominical. There was still a bit of a swell, sun coming out, and the tide was lower, so the waves were punchier. Alex and Josh rode longboards, Kevin took his hydrospeed and I took my bodyboard. Did some bodysurfing, and also tried the hydrospeed. The water was warm, the sun came out, there was a cool water channel under at your feet.

Josh got a lot of good ones of me, and I'm not ashamed to display the best ones here. For more, or if you're too lazy to read and just want to look at pictures, click here
All water shots by FaceLevel.com

I tried to surf but after catching waves for a couple hours, was too exhausted to stand up.

Lunch was these amazing sandwiches made with home made bread, turkey, avo, veggies and a fruit smoothie made with fruit and honey. So delicious, sat at the outdoor tables and talked about what I'm not sure, but the main thing that's been cool about this trip is that we haven't had to rush. Josh hates rushing and is just mellow about everything. Would rather get there early and chill.

Watch out for land sharks! Photo: FaceLevel.com

After getting cleaned up we packed up again to head for the river mecca of Turriabla. But not before watching an amazing sunset from the deck and enjoying a last bit of company with the neighbor's pets. Who camped out on Josh's side. Most of the time.

We headed out after dark, a little risky as the roads aren't exactly user friendly. A tow truck that had a powerful engine lead the way. Lots of fog made the drive interesting winding up into the mountains. We stopped for dinner in San Isidro, a lively place with supposedly many women. We parked on the square, although the place we'd planned on eating wasn't open. We went to a sort of restaurant/bar upstairs with about 8 televisions all playing something different. There was a horrible Ashton Kutcher movie that was, I'm sure, much improved without the sound. There was a werewolf chasing a young damsel around a parking garage and into an elevator shaft on another set. A game of some kind was on too; I don't remember the exact sport. There weren't any open tables so we sat at this long bar overlooking the town square, only I would have been on the end around a post so I sat on the other side facing inwards. The drive did my stomach in and I only ate a couple of french fries.

The rest of the drive was winding and at times a bit odd. Seemingly deserted housing developments dotted the two lane highway. Only the very occasional sign gave us reassurance we were heading the right way. I put on some Massive Attack and a very situationally appropriate song came on, "Inertia Creeps". It felt like driving through a bit of hell as perhaps CS Lewis would describe it in The Great Divorce.

Finally we reach the town but have no address for the hostel. The river guidebook gives a description of a brightly painted building, the Hotel Interamericano. It wasn't too hard to find, being described as on the wrong side of the tracks. And it really was; you'll see why in the next blog post. But I don't think I've stayed in a cleaner hostel or felt safer in one outside the US and Canada.

Our odd roof luggage attracted the stares of some curious onlookers, who didn't appear to be friendlies. The hostel had a secure storage area in the basement where there was washing machines and clotheslines. Not that anything really dries in this moist climate! We unpacked and found our room, with two twin beds and a bunk, bathrooms and showers on the other side. Around the corner we had a little patio sitting area that overlooked a homeless camp. I wasn't sure what the hostel situation was going to be like. A lot of them in the US separate women and men into different dormitories. The only other co-ed one I have stayed at, in Jackson, Wy when I first moved there, I wished were segregated, as there were a few snorers, starers and no privacy. (I moved into a hotel the next day.) It was great having our own room and being able to stay together. No internet access was the only downside. The bed was really comfortable for a hostel, although I needed more than a sheet for warmth. I slept in all the clothes I could find, even if they weren't exactly fresh. But, I think I might have actually slept more than five hours that night. Awesome.



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