Thursday, February 05, 2009

Costa Rica Day 4, Jan 19, 2009. Turriabla & Pejibaye

Home sweet hostel. 
Breakfast joint, same interesting assortment of folks every morning... and same $2 breakfast of rice, beans, corn tortillas, and egg. Just across the tracks and street from the lodge.

Deck around the corner from our room, nice place to chill and do some stretching and exercise.

View from our nice deck. Even in a downpour, this space stayed dry. Notice the sleepers.

I took this before I realized we did get maid service :).

Goofing around in Turriabla. The coin slot was unresponsive. Or maybe it just knew there wasn't just a child on it and wouldn't budge. Stubborn mule.

I tend to avoid exchanging currency at the airport, pretty sure that the banks would give a better rate. The problem is finding a bank that is open at the same time I am carrying my passport on me and my cash. I brought cash this time because in El Salvador is was kind of hard to find a bank that would cash traveler's checks. Probably would not have been a big deal in San Salvador, but we were in La Libertad, which is a small, mostly poor with a couple wealthy enclaves, coastal community. First I tried in Heredia, but realized when we were at the mall to get batteries at the Radio Shack, that I wasn't carrying my passport. We tried in Jaco, but it was too late and the banks were closed. There were a couple of banks in Turriabla. I'd eventually have to hit one. But not in the ski-mask and pistol kind of way.

There was some disagreement over the before-agreed upon rate to haul us and our gear to the river with another vehicle. We ended up hiring Luis, and used the Bego. It was cozy with five, but not as bad as with six.

Suiting up at the Pejibaye. Reminded me of the entrance to the break near the dump in Neah Bay. Finding this place was part of the challenge. The villages we drove through were quaint and tidy. We stopped and asked directions many times. The dirt road wound up through cane fields and it made me wonder how the cane trucks even fit.

Where's the water?



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