Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day 2: Coto Brus

We drove south and over the mountains to a more arid climate. Very hilly, those hills covered in jungle. Reminded me a bit of the hills in Australia. Much less humidity than the coast. Luckily the river was going pretty good.

This time we took one of Josh's neighbors, 15-year old Jodi. He was a trooper. There was hesitation from both Peters about running a river that had caiman in it, but we never saw any. We thumped on the Prijons just the same to let them know we were coming. We did see some spider monkeys. They seemed to not quite know what to make of us.

The water was even warmer than yesterday; probably 70 degrees. I've been leaving the top part of my wetsuit off, leaving my sleeves dangling. It's just the right temp that way, with a rash guard up top. This river stepped it up a notch as there was on class IV-ish section. Still nothing heavier than the Nooksak, so far. Although I did manage to get stuck in a couple holes and turned upside down once.

We stopped at a tree overhanging the river. Jodi dived from it, Josh did a flip, Alicia a cannon ball, Peter C. jumped in with his board and hit is foot on a rock. I was happy to take pictures.

We were on the river for three hours. After a stop at a restaurant for snacks and another stop at the car rental to inquire about the two new windshield dings acquired during the shuttle, it was too late to stop and watch the sunset but we got some nice glimpses from the car. By the time we got home I felt like crashing but dragged myself out to dinner. Felt better after a watermelon smoothie, and had some chicken soup, which is supposed to cure a lot of things.

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