Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pejibaye River

Still on Day 4, more pics & continued.

Walking down to the Pejibaye. Still from video. All water photos by

Alex, avoiding the caiman. Or was it the cold temps? No, that would have been Josh.

At least the scenery was nice. Pictured here on Alex's Kern board which is built so that you can bring your knees up onto the craft and avoid hitting rocks. We switched back quickly as he wasn't wearing as much protective leg gear.

Alex blends in well.

Luis, our faithful and very cool driver.

After a few mishaps, they did get a system down well before the end of the trip.

Kevin, keeping the boards from flying away.

After the shallows of the Pejibaye, esp. at the end, we were a little hungry for bigger water. We might have hopped the fence and ridden this if it wasn't so shallow on the landing



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