Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bumble in Ballina... been here two and a half days trying to recover the key to my rental car that I lost surfing Lennox Heads. Never trust velcro! Drove all the way to Brisbane to pick up the spare key only to find out the one they gave me was not the correct one- it was mislabeled (2.5 hour drive each way mind you!) And rented a car just to do this. Well the correct key has been located and is on its way. Surf is small again and now it's a monsoon outside. Finally found cheap internet access: the library! Will stay here one more night, trying to get some bookings over the holidays. I don't feel much like surfing anyway with all the stress over the key situation. Luckily they have inexpensive pubs here.

Funny words:
passing = overtaking
rent = hire
lost = went on a walkabout


Blogger Gina said...

how was lennox heads? When we were there in 2000 the waves weren't big enough so we never got to experience it. How were those humongous boulders? So sorry about your key situation. You're getting to know your way around northern NSW and southern Queensland pretty good at least!
We leave today to go ski Lake Tahoe for 3 WEEKS!! So I probably won't be able to follow you anymore. However, if I can get on my mother-in-law's computer I will.


8:33 PM  
Blogger FRüG FöREST said...

I should also note, that A.L. also sent me a longer version of the story of the 'unwanted adventure' and 'driving out of the way' for recovering the lost key (i.e replacement).

Wasn't sounding like a good adventure at all, and wish I could of been there to help out with all the issues and stresses.

For the best, since I would of either laughed or cried alot, during the whole frustrating thing...

Hoping that she'll make it through ok, and find some places to surf ok. :)


11:25 PM  
Blogger A Good Friend said...

Hi A-L:
I'm a friend of Frug Forest - saw your travel blog on FF's blogspot.
So sorry to hear about the lost key fiasco! "Never trust velcro" --certainly words to live by!
(I firmly believe that humor makes life possible...especially when this type of c-r-a-p happens.)

I'm thinking/hoping that the remainder of trip should be sans (w/o) fiasco-s. Perhaps you're already back to the surf and taking incredible pics by now...

BTW, maybe we'll get a chance to meet -- sometime when you are back in the northern hemisphere, or more specifically back in B'ham.
My best,
- A Good Friend

4:38 PM  
Blogger ambient lighting said...

Gina, Lennox was 2 meters the day I lost the key. It's smaller now and the tide is too high for the point. I drop kneed right on a wave for the first time. I didn't like it but suppose I'll get used to it :). Rocks are bad. Guy who lent me his phone when I was without a key had bloody feet. I lent him a wet nap. Worth paddling to the beach to get in, getting out wasn't so bad, just jump into a white water and hope for the best. Good luck wiht skiing, or snowboarding whatever the case may be. Kirra is suppose dto be better now with them pumping sand across the rivermouth to the other side but the locals have it dialed. Probably get up there in a couple of days.

9:16 PM  

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