Monday, December 26, 2005

My hotel in Coolum was the nicest yet, a self-contained apartment with bathtub jacuzzi in the room, nice tile flooring, tasteful decor and comfortable furniture. The only problem was being on the bottom floor. After the incident and remaining hysterical most of the day, the hotel folks moved me to the third floor. I still latched the door at night. This is the view from the room.

Although it was just across the street from the beach, the surf was not cooperating. They sky, however was, and one of the staff who seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know, pointed me out the southern cross. Simple thing really, only the necessary five points. I'd arrived pretty late, underestimating the amount of time it took to drive from the bird place to the Sunshine coast. I wanted a glass of wine. The bar was shutting down but some employees were finishing off some bottles. They let me join in and were too drunk to remember to charge me. Not having eaten all I needed was one glass.

I really wanted to run home after the break-in incident. My heart was not into being there any more. I'd to the tour of Fraser Island and then just make my flights earlier and cancel my stay in Surfers Paradise. But there was a problem. The holiday. I was to go to Fraser Christmas eve, and be returned on Christmas day. That was a Sunday. The next two days were government holidays and the Consulate would not open again until the 28th. The day I was to leave. Timing. Is. Everything. I would have to suck it up and put it behind me.


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