Friday, March 31, 2006

Sense of Humor

First of all, Australia Gallery is now online. You may reach it at .

It is always a relief and a validation to me when I find websites that make me laugh. I get to think, wow, I'm not the only twisted soul who appreciates irony, deprecation (self and otherwise), and wit. I just started watching American Idol about a month ago, the result of being bored out of my gord because of a prolonged bout with a respiratory virus, of which I am still suffering after a month. I thought Chris was pretty decent and the rest of them were your run of the mill Idolers. I couldn't believe that the 16 year old pre-pubescent boy dubbed Chicken Little (the resemblance IS uncanny) was in the top 12. I just couldn't see the connection, but it is becoming more clear the more I learn about the show.

Msnbc published a "behind the scenes" on Idol. Only 300 people are in the audience, and most of them are 12-14 year old girls and their moms. That explains the fan base. A lot.

The best Idol web site out there far and away is . The amazing thing about it is all the hate mail it generates. Genuine hate mail. These haters just don't get it. They think that Idol is a legitimate talent base and that we're fucking with these people's hopes and dreams. They don't get the fact that there is no talent on this show. Even Simon said so. He is quoted as saying that only Kelly Clarkson had real talent. I don't even listen to her particular style of music, but I guess a lot of people like her.

Last week the lady with the ass bigger than New York City sang a gospel song. Sang? oh did I say sang? I mean shrieked. In blue jeans. She shrieked all the high notes. Because she has no talent and a huge weight problem. ye I digress. My point was that none of the judges liked it and the word on the blog is that she should keep her God to herself. So that precludes American Idol from any Christian songs? I would love to see one of them do a song from a known Christian artist but a song that isn't preachy. Most of the audience would not be familiar enough with the song to know how it is supposed to sound, which would give them a huge advantage.

I found another web site that is filled with hilarity of a different sort, one that parodies Hollywood itself, because the film title is almost a parody of Hollywood itself. The movie is called Snakes on a Plane. So you already know the entire movie just from the title, which in itself should be enough to deserve it an oscar. There is a fan base blog called Check it out. I was laughing out loud. Oh and how did I find it? By reading Bean's blog. Bean of Kevin and Bean, two LA radio DJs I used to listen to when I lived in California, they do the 6-10 am shift. Only through his blog did I discover that he lives in Seattle (actually I think he lives on Vashon - he has a pet steer) and still manages to do the radio show. Maybe he does it remotely. I could not imagine commuting that much even twice a week. He calls LA "that bad place". I guess the weather hasn't gotten to him yet. His blog is at


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