Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It Paid Off (maybe)

Every morning I set my alarm to a Soft Rock station in a mostly unsucessful attempt to awaken my sorry arse from bed by the sheer disgust emanating from my cheap radio alarm speaker. As I was in the final stages of dressing for work, I was actually listening to the djs (they're the tolerable part of the station, I mean, how much Kelly Clarkson can a person take every morning!) and they had a call-in segment. The subject was 'Things that really annoy you, but in the bigger picture, they shouldn't be that big a deal.' An idea popped into my head and I didn't have time to call in, so I wrote in. Here is that email:

>When I'm forced to muddle through a navigation system on a telephone that

> requires me to SPEAK my answers.
> I'd rather push the numbers, and if I have to SAY "yes" or "no" or
> whatever their options are I get really really angry and my voice

> escalates and then it says,
> "Sorry, I did not understand your response. Let's try again."
> And I want to chuck the phone out the window.

For that, I am being sent a coupon for a free massage at the Relaxation Station in Mt. Vernon. 1/2 hour drive away, unfortunately, but how many free massages does one get in one's life? I just hope it will be worth the drive.


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