Monday, April 10, 2006

Death of someone I knew

I have a web site that tracks avalanche deaths and near misses at or near jackson hole mountain resort. ( However I never thought that this would happen. I was looking at the accident that happened at Mammoth where three patrollers died trying to rope off a vent fissure, and they mentioned there'd been more deaths than usual in this season. I put in a search for "skier death" and Doug Coombs came up and...

I did work for Doug and Emily when I lived in Jackson. Created a web site and brochure for his business. It was great working with them and they had such wonderful photos. He died with another skier in La Grave, Switzerland, something about falling over a cliff. Details don't seem really clear because of the distance I guess.

Everyone else who has died in these ski/snowboard accidents were people I didn't know, and it's like reading the headlines in the LA Times. You get numb to it. But when it is someone you know, it's different. Very different.


Blogger DesignGal said...

I'm so sorry to hear that.

12:08 PM  
Blogger A Good Friend said...

R -
Belated sympathy in the loss of your friend.
I know what you does bring a new perspective when it is someone you know who is on the Nightly News or in the headlines. Ever since Sept 11 '01 I've had a wierd apprehension when watching the evening news...could it be someone I know... My friend Mark Bingham was on flight 93 that went down in PA.
The movie coming out this week is NOT helping!
Sorry, I'm rambling...I guess your entry touched a nerve...I can relate.
My best, L

10:01 PM  

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