Monday, April 16, 2007

Tell me why... Virginia Tech Shootings

Someone else doesn't like Mondays much either, I guess.

You know the phrase "if it's too loud, you're too old"? I used to be able to go out dancing to clubs. Not anymore. I went to Rumors, a dance club in Bellingham, and I guess the dj thought we were all deaf because around 11:30 the music was cranked up a few notches above liveable, I mean, it felt like someone was hammering a hypodermic needle into my ear drums. I had to leave. Same thing happened in Whistler. I don't recall when I was younger, music having to be played this loudly.

But live shows can be more amenable to one's hearing. I saw Greg Brown a couple weeks ago in Seattle. Upon leaving a random coworker of my friend happened to be walking by and asked if I enjoyed the show. "Greg Brown is good" I answered. "But although we were in the front row, we were off to the side and I couldn't look at the stage without having an ex boyfriend in my line of vision." "So he enjoyed the show and you didn't?"


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