Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pain in the neck

Literally... it kept me up most of the night and I can barely concentrate on work it hurts so much. After a few phone calls to drs they agreed to see me this afternoon. Unfortunately the pain didn't begin til it was too late to see a doc. I tried to take a pain pill but it got stuck in my throat and I coughed it up sideways, tearing whatever surface lines ones throat in that area. This made me cough for quite a while and secrete a lot of mucous, so much that it blocked the air into my lungs. So I took a puff of my anti-asthma med and eventually I calmed down enough to remember that my neck and back made it impossible to lay down.

But the real pain in the neck is what caused the pain in the neck. I went to Westport for Surfrider's Clean Water Classic and agreed to volunteer in a spotting role; that is I would call out the color of the jersey of the surfer who was standing up on the wave. Being quite attuned to this sort of thing, even in the dense fog I was usually the first one to notice a surfer up and would call out his color. "Blue is up! Blue!" I would say as loud as my puny vocal chords would let me. But there was this other woman with a voice that had an amplifier built into it, and about two or three seconds after my announcement of the color of the jersey, she would bellow out the exact same thing, as though my words had gone into some kind of vaccuum and it didn't count. And more than a few times, she had the color wrong.

I believe what caused the kink in my neck wasn't the crazy dancing at the event parties or staring at the full blue moon on the almost balmy night. It was holding up those dang binoculars to my face for almost two solid hours. I can't think of what might else have done it. Or maybe it was wincing every time boom-box-voice repeated my volunteer effort.


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