Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting out there

This week I got out twice to try the snowpack which lingers ever heavily in the surrounding mountains. Once with someone who wanted to practice Ski to Sea, which just looks like pure torture, running up a ski hill that should really only be done the other way. Saturday, the nicest day of this holiday weekend, went to Chinook Pass, which is just past Crystal ski area. The road had only opened a few days earlier. It was really fun out there. It could even be its own ski area, so many cool runs. The hiking wasn't too bad. I didn't use the split board because the skins had been wet from the Baker climb... and I guess they don't stick well when wet. Or I've just been storing them wrong.

Sunday was the Ski to Sea race here in Bellingham, over 400 teams compete on an 82.5 mile 8-leg relay, of which none of the legs I'm positive would not actually kill me. Instead of competing I went to Fairhaven, where the race ends, watched the first few kayakers plow into shore and ring the bell. Hung out in the beer cage and drank some wine, thinking I might actually see some people I knew. Besides a couple co workers, I didn't see any competitors. I think logistically unless they're doing the kayak portion, it's hard for them to get anywhere near Fairhaven until the whole thing is over. What sucked most was to be in this crowd and not knowing anyone, and going home to my cats. Today I cleaned the car and am doing some more painting of the 70s kitchen cabinets, this time on the inside. Yech. Kind of a rotten way to end the weekend.


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