Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mighty Nexus Myths

Many misconceptions surround the obtaining of a Nexus pass (allows you to use a shorter line at the Canadian/ US border), many of them propagated by their own web site/ GOES registration documentation.

Myth: It takes three months to get a Nexus pass.
Fact: It took me all of two weeks.

Myth: You have to wait months to get an appointment.
Fact: You don't need an appointment. Just fill out the form online, get approved, then head up to the office. More people there didn't have appointments than did, and all were accommodated in the time I was there. I was early for mine but didn't have to wait for the specific time.

Myth: You have to prove that you live at your address.
Fact: They said they don't know why that's stated on their letter.

Myth: You have to show your auto registration.
Fact: They don't care about the car.

Myth: It's only good for five years.
Fact: It expires five years from your next birthday. Plan accordingly.

Myth: It's expensive.
Fact: For Americans it's $50. Compare that to all the wasted hours spent sitting in an idling car.

Weirdness: America recognizes the Nexus pass as proof of residency, like a passport. Canada doesn't, at least not yet.


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