Friday, November 09, 2007

10 reasons you won't find me at a Warren Miller movie

10. I see enough commercials for JEEP already on television.
9. $20 to sit through a very long JEEP commercial.
8. Your $20 is compensated with coupons. To White Pass. Mid-week. How many 100s of miles is that from northwestern Washington?
7. Other coupons are a free pass to Sun Peaks, Big White, Apex or Silver Star. See above complaint.
6. Coupon for "Up to $25 off" purchase at a local ski shop. Which means I'd probably have to spend $500 to see the $25.
5. They find skiers with medals from world-renown competitions, but the year the US snowboarders swept the Olympics, they used a couple unknown teenage girls to demonstrate the snowboard segment.
4. They never brought back Rob Kingwill or Julie Zell.
3. Ski-jumping acrobatics.
2. Glen Plake thinks skiing was much better before snowboarding existed.
1. Glen Plake is Warren Miller's lil' bitch.


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