Sunday, June 01, 2008

Indy's Legend of the Plastic Skull

Ever balled up saran wrap? Then maybe poured resin over it? There you have it, man they spent some big bucks on props there...

Harry Ford is what now, 107 years old? And he looks 50? They really did a job on make up or, he's spent some of his royalties at the same surgeon as Catherine Deneuve.

I just can't see a movie that lives up these days. Saw what was supposed to be a comedy, What Happens in Vegas, and I hardly chuckled once. Then Indy tries to be Caddyshack- what the heck is up with the animated gophers anyway? Those would have been cut if I were director.

I want to see Iron Man but am afraid to spend any more money on the movies. One episode of LOST has been better than anything I've seen on the big screen.


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