Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Simply Asia: Noodle Review

On the way to Crystal Mountain we stopped for coffee at a QFC and I decided to buy a noodle bowl, since my ski buddy had a thermos of hot water. If you click the link at the top, you'll see what I'm supposed to be eating. Looks yummy. Except they don't include the fresh veggies you see there on the side of the bowl. Those were added by the photographer.

And it did taste good, had the Sesame Teriyaki for lunch today, but there are several things that concerned me:

First of all, packaging. A cardboard outer-packaging with printing and instructions (that I should have read), a plastic bowl and lid, a plastic bag of noodles, a foil pack of dehydrated veggies, a plastic bag of sauce, a plastic bag of sesame seeds, plus the bowl itself was wrapped in (what do you think?) plastic.

I thought I would be adding hot water and letting it sit, so at 11:45 I put on water for tea, and when the water was ready, I looked at the box. The only instructions were for heating in the microwave. In the plastic bowl. With the lid on.

Now I think there are enough pollutants and toxins in our food without adding them by microwaving plastic. So I went upstairs and found a glass bowl, which wasn't really large enough but it fit everything. The instructions did say to add two tablespoons of water, so I poured without measuring, figuring these things weren't an exact science. I found another glass bowl to put on top, and started the 2 minute microwave. A minute into it I realized I forgot the dehydrated veggies! So all in all it got three minutes.

After letting it sit then mixing it up again with the provided PLASTIC fork, I was quite hungry and tried to enjoy the savoriness as I wolfed it down. It didn't seem like quite enough, and as I write this I have a lingering sense of hunger. Which brings me to..

Second of all.. According to the packaging, this 8 oz. bowl is supposed to serve two people. Now maybe the veggies didn't quite dehydrate enough, but there was barely enough food for one. And the calorie count? 320. Not bad, except that it's PER SERVING. And there are supposed to be two servings (and if that is really the case why did they only provide ONE FORK and ONE BOWL?

Either there is a terrible mistake on the package, or I've just consumed 640 calories and I feel as full as if I've eaten one rice cake with marmalade. I want a recount. And I want people to stop producing food that has more landfill particles than food particles.

And the bowl? That will go to some use, maybe to store excess paint from my endless home improvement projects.


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