Friday, August 01, 2008


Wednesday Day 12

Perfection in a wave was found yesterday at Punta Mango (see photos from previous post). The boat ride was fun; we had to wait out a set at the point and then point the boat into the whitewater which launched the vessel partly into the air. It was about a 20 minute ride and another boat had already disembarked. All in all three boats were out there and about 20 people. It was hard to catch waves once again.

I did manage to get a few. My first big one I was afraid to pull in. It looked like it was going to close out on my so I pulled out, but I probably should have gone for the barrel. It's a heavy wave and if you get hit with the lip it can hurt. I was nervous most of the time. It was really hot out and I went for water once. At 8:30 the sun was punishing and there was not a trace of wind. Beautiful spot though; nothing on the coastline except rocks and trees and green hills. My muscles were hurting and a cramp was trying to form in one of my calves. This perfect wave was a little much for me, going on a night of zero sleep. Eventually I crawled into the boat, found some foam padding, propped up my bodyboard for shade and tried to sleep on the bottom.

I ended up in that room with three other gals. Mike had gotten a room for himself and two teenage girls. Uh-huh. Mic, the rather large guy, also wanted to sleep in a room that night instead of a hammock. So John moved the gals in with me and moved Mic and Goggles in with Mike. Mike is a very hyper guy who didn't finish high school. And his logic evades most of us. For instance, he noticed that people drive very fast and there's no highway patrol. Because of that he figured that the government must really care about its people because it doesn't get money from them from speeding tickets. Um, right. That's why there's no sidewalks -- most of the people, who don't even have a car, have to walk on the shoulder with trucks going by at 60mph. That's why there's dirt roads everywhere and poverty and orphans and... and... anyway. Because the govt. cares so much.

A huge, close and very very loud electrical and rainstorm moved in after dark. At first I thought someone was dragging something very heavy across cement. No, it was thunder. The Erikas were so freaked out by it they screamed and fell on the floor then ran outside then back inside. I told them they had to stop screaming or they were going to have to sleep in the hammocks again! Apparently they didn't get any sleep out there either. I put on my cd (was able to recharge the batteries in the room) to a "Relaxing Thundering Rainstorm" so I couldn't tell what was nature and what was memorex, at least for awhile, The sound of the rain on the roof was lovely and I drifted off til 6am.

This morning I paddled out at the point at Los Flores. There was just a little bit of a bump on it and smaller, but still clean. Caught a few good waves, although what might have been one of my best, my shorts created drag on the water and I got behind the peak. I didn't want to use the lycra that early in the morning but it seems to be the only thing that works. If I use just my bathing suit, a two-piece, my bottoms get ripped downwards by the force of the wave. I managed to put my rash guard over the shorts and tuck the ends of the shorts under my bathing suit. That seemed to take care of it.

Turns out I didn't have to pay for the room after all. Somehow John found money to cover all but $1. Getting that room was the best decision I made this entire trip.

On the way back we were able to save some time by fording a river. The bridge is under construction. I guess the water levels were low enough to drive through it. The whole way back, I was in the very back bench seat, which is also where the subwoofers are. The people in the front played this nasty disco crap most of the way home with a very loud base. I don't get this kind of music. The young ones seemed to love it and danced in their seats. I kept begging them to turn it down but they just laughed at me. It rattled my brain. Luckily the trip was over and we're back at the house, the house without any screamy teenage girls. I even got a few decent pictures of me on a wave.

Myself with a guy we'd met at El Zonte, who came down for the better quality surf at Los Flores.


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