Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm bad.

One of my coworkers flies through reams of paper on the color printer assigned to my office. I don't mind it so much except that she never puts forth any effort to replace the paper.

I have two boxes left of highly calendered plotter paper, 8.5x11. It's not bright white but oh is it smooth. Her last job ate the last of that paper that was in the tray and then there was the rest of the brighter white cheap copy paper. So I had an idea. I have a stack of pumpkin orange paper in another drawer. I stuck that in the printer and hid the other boxes of more expensive paper.

Today sure enough she starts printing and comes in to see her job printed on orange! She kind of chuckled and said orange wouldn't work, and stopped the job. She took out the orange and went on her way. A few minutes later it ran out of paper and she came back in and started getting a bit higher blood pressure with her sighing and panting.... "Where is there more paper?"
"I don't know. Might be out."

She left the office in a huff and came back with paper from somewhere... not sure where...


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