Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NOPD: Not Our Problem, Dude!

Today marks the year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. I got to see the devastation up close and personal this past weekend. Miles of it, truly unfathomable. Much debris had been removed - dead cars and boats, but many structures that were beyond repair were still standing. Looked like some people were inhabiting their 9th ward homes without electricity, most homes demolished or abandoned.
We toured all along the levees, down to the harbor, where Joes Crab Shack still stood but whatever building next to it was there, wasn't there any more. The dead boats had been removed, and what should have been a busy day along Lake Pontchartrain , was nearly deserted... parks overgrown, palm trees held up with supports.
In the Broadmoor neighborhood one home was built higher and only flooded the basement. And, it was the only home to not get looted. However, after 26 years of residency in this upscale neighborhood the owners have decided to move to Baton Rougue. It belongs to my boyfriend's brother.
More on the trip later, and more on my previous trip. I came back with a nasty sinus infection so it's off to bed for po' me.


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Ambient: Thanks for the link you left on Bean's Blog about the nutrition - "Whatever Happened To The Four Basic Food Groups". I haven't had a chance to read the whole article, but I have book marked it. Thanks again.

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