Monday, August 07, 2006

Things that make me cranky

I've been having back problems due in part to a computer desk that was too high for me. I tried the pullout keyboard tray (that turned out to be a piece of sh*t), the footstool (that broke after about 6 months), taking all the feet out from the desk, even pieces of 2x4 underfoot to try to get the correct balance of chair height and desk height... to no avail. It was a nice big corner desk with an extended right arm area, full back and shelves below (along with a couple of recently discovered discarded pieces of chewing gum). All I could find to replace it in the "free" and "available" department of the Atomic Dustbin where the school stores it's decrepid furniture was a height adjustable table, and table in the leanest sense of the word.

After nearly breaking my sternum to remove the piece of sh*t keyboard tray from the blue corner desk, the 'new' table came in with the adjustable screw completely locked down. An allen wrench screw. The usual tool guys weren't around so I walked to the other repair area, where I stopped in on one of the managers... He had a blue corner desk a lot like mine and said he's been trying to get the dept. to buy him a desk for three years, but they won't. What part of worker's compensation don't they understand, plus the discomfort and expense of physical therapy for the rest of your life.

I finally got hold of an allen wrench that worked just as Work Control Center representative Jerry came by (I'd called them not knowing what else to do) and he noticed that one of the feet was missing from the table.

Missing a foot. My computer is splayed across the office with various parts scattered about, the desk is on its side, all my work is on my Mac, which is sitting useless on the floor next to the paper cutter. I'm being taken back down to the Armory to pilfer a foot off another table, but it being Monday, I'm not coming back up here. I'm half way home from down there already.

Meanwhile here's some hats to go with your croc clogs.


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