Monday, July 31, 2006

Of coding and such

I'm undergoing labor pains trying to birth a brand new e-commerce store. I managed to completely hose the store by trying to satisfy the client's requirements of having handling fees that vary with the product sold. Somehow I managed to replace enough old code to keep it from error-messaging out now, and I refuse to touch it any more: PHP, you have made me afraid. Very very afraid. Am using OS Commerce, if anyone out there reading this has any ideas. Already installed UPS XML with Dimensions support, which also nearly frightened me.

The client is now consulting with a real coder, not an actionscript hack like myself who is much better at choosing colors and font sizes.

Speaking of Actionscript I had created a file in 2004 that never went live pending permissions, well permissions are here but when I try to edit the file with Flash 8, hah! the thing crashes, chokes, frustrates. So I'm redoing the entire file set with cleaner, meaner code - whereas before it was a different set of images and whatnot on every frame, it is now all action script on a couple frames even using (gasp!) XML. I like XML. I can create the names of my own descriptive tags. For instance, the "it took a PH.D to write that unintellible gibberish!" interpretations of the sculpture are called "hightower". Some of the button names are rather interesting as well. I tried not to put any script on the buttons but control them through the actionscript. Only worked for certain things, but not others.. such as moving a movie clip that was previous loaded into on _x and _y spot... nor loading the various xml files for each hunk of rotting steel/concrete/etc.

And what iis the difference between a rotting car in a front yard and what is deemed "sculpture"? I see very little. They're both fun to look at, make fun of, make you wonder why it's there and notice its interaction with the landscape.


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