Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Date Analysis

I wanted to try the $3.95 happy hour burgers at the Fairhaven Pub and Martini bar, but aside from the underground/dark/stuffy atmosphere there was a very loud auction going on. So we walked down to Stanello's instead for some disappointing food.

We sat on the west-facing deck and the service was a bit slow, so it was hard not to overhear the conversation across from us. An asian woman who looked Thai perhaps, and a blond haired man wearing blue-blockers and sporting a third trimester pregnancy. They looked about mid-late 20s.

I wrote on the napkin because I didn't want my conversation with Paul overheard. "Blind date, next table over?" His penned response: "Met online. Should have exchanged photos." He asked her a couple times if she collected anything... I think she said "books." She didn't ask what he collected. I wouldn't be suprised if his response had been "Star Wars action figures" and "Magic game pieces". His shiney white tennis shoes had never seen the inside of a gym. [In walks my lung specialist and her date and sits at the table beyond ours. (I've been coughing since March.)] I wrote on the napkin "Desperately seeking something in common." His response "Maybe she's into blue blockers."

He asked if she liked Sushi. I think she said no. This fellow was trying so hard. She asked about his work schedule. 6:30 am - 1pm then various things. I'm thinking it was a first meeting because the conversation had no flow, and wouldn't you know whether or not someone likes sushi if that were not the case?

They had pizza and most of it was wrapped to go. After they left we picked at our mediocre italian plates (I had to slurp my spaghetti, it was so runny) and I felt my cough coming on. I did not supress it like I might normally do at a restaurant.


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Hopped over from Bean's blog - thanks for reminding me why I stopped internet dating!

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