Monday, July 03, 2006

Netflix follow up

So I complained hard enough that they extended my free trial 10 days. When they sent the replacement DVD, it was not the Director's cut. Will they ever get it right?

Watched it anyway...

Had an appointment this morning with an asbestos abatement company to scrape the popcorn off of my ceiling. They can do it all in one day. It would take me a week, so the money I spend would be made up for with quality of life. It will, however, take me at least a few days to move my furniture away from the affected areas. Which will render my home unlivable mostly... argh. I know already what a messy job it is and I don't need that kind of torture to my neck and shoulders.

On Weds. I am meeting with a skylight installer... once these two things are accomplished will paint the walls... then perhaps new floors and redo my kitchen cabinets... it's endless when you buy a 70's era living unit.


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